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Summer STEM Camps Return to Westford

Empow Studios returns to Westford with a new curriculum for summer camps in 2018

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are considered key skill sets in a changing world. Getting students interested early on in these subjects by making these endeavors fun is the goal of Empow Studios.

The staff at Empow Studios, based in Lexington, is thrilled to be returning to Westford’s Nashoba Valley Technical High School location for a series of summer camps. The week-long summer tech camps will focus on subjects ranging from robotics, 3D printing and coding to stop-motion animation, video production and audio engineering.

“Our previous two years in Westford have been a great experience, and last year we filled up most of the camps,” says Empow Outreach Director Dave Gutierrez. “Westford has been a great community for us and we’re excited to return this summer with a new project curriculum.”


Empow Studios Summer Camp – Westford

Nashoba Valley TechLocation: Nashoba Valley Technical High School
100 Littleton Rd, Westford, MA 01886

Dates: Weeks starting 7/25, 7/2, 7/9
Details: Camp runs 9:00am-4:00pm. Early drop-off starts at 8:30am (no additional charge) and an extended day until 5:30pm is available for a $20/day additional charge.
Cost: Half Day $335/wk; Full day $595/wk

A History of Camp Success

Empow Studios has created educational opportunities in a variety of communities through its camps, classes, and workshops. “Empow Studios has been running summer tech camps since 2013 and we continue to increase numbers in our existing town,” adds Gutierrez, who credits the success of the program with good instruction and a fun atmosphere. “Campers learn, they make friends and they get outside to play games. Our goal is to offer traditional camp elements, while emphasizing technology education in a positive, creative atmosphere.”

Campers are guided by Empow instructors, who have degrees in computer programming, engineering, education, design, film and music, and are working to challenge students with a new curriculum.  “The new curriculum remains true to Empow’s constructivist and project-based philosophy, while also providing instructional prompts and supports to guide campers towards levels of mastery in their areas of interest,” says Empow’s Curriculum Lead Bernardo Feliciano, EdD. “Our tracks give kids a pathway to earn badges while the quests and projects they encounter along the way create opportunities for discovery and invention.”

Two categories of camps are scheduled:

Tech & Design Camp: Features robotics, 2D & 3D video game design, animation, Scratch programming, coding, 3D modeling & printing, audio engineering, digital music, and video production. Empow teaches the basics, and campers use their imagination to make their projects come alive.

Minecraft Camp: Empow focuses on various educational aspects of Minecraft. Campers learn modding, electrical engineering (via redstone circuits), architecture, game design, and world creation. Campers even create very simple computers inside Minecraft.

For more information about all of Empow Studios’ locations and programs, including classes, clubs and outreach efforts, visit: or find us on Facebook.

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